Simply Maya Furry Yeti (3 Volumes)a


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Simply Maya Furry Yeti (3 Volumes)
3 volumes | 2,18 GB+3,61 GB+2,05 GB

The Holiday Tutorial is designed for new to intermediate Maya users. In this project you will learn how to create your own complete digital illustration from start to finish. We begin by modeling our main character, a snow yeti, by using images planes for reference and then we’ll model all the basic shapes using nurbs primitives. Once we have the shape and size right, we’ll convert into polygons to add detail. We will also cover converting back and forth to sub-d as well to help with shaping details. After our character is complete we switch to modeling the set using a lot of the same techniques.

You will then begin the texturing process for both. You will learn how to lay out a flat effective UV map for painting in Photoshop as well as learn how to use tools such as UV’s cut and UV’s sew and move. The painting of our illustration is done in Photoshop where you will learn how to build up layers of color to create cool looking skin for our yeti as well as ice for our cave. After the texturing its time to move into some Maya fur work to give our yeti some white fur to keep him warm. You will learn how to add fur to your model as well as manipulate it so it all goes in one direction. You will also play with size, length and “baldness”. Finally, its time for lighting work. You will learn how to create lights, adjust their settings and add cameras to get your final composition.

1 -5 Deal with the Yeti character modelling
6 – 8 Deal with the Yeti character UV mapping
9 – 11 Deal with the Yeti Texturing
12 – 13 Deal with the Scene Modelling
14 Deals with the Scene UV Mapping
15 – 18 Deal with the Scene Texturing

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