Autodesk Softimage Face Robot v1.9


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Autodesk Softimage Face Robot v1.9 | 480 MB

Autodesk Softimage Face Robot v1.9 – a full-fledged software product for rigging and animation of 3D, allowing you to create realistic animation of persons with unparalleled speed and ease. Built around the core XSI 6 version of Face Robot 1.8 is full of innovations that will facilitate the work of animators on the animation and facilitate the export of animation for games.​

What’s new in Face Robot 1.9:
- New Shape Export System, which allows you to export ready-to-animate the head that can work in SOFTIMAGE | XSI and Autodesk Maya;
- Improved export data for games, especially in the field of auto-enveloping (avtookutyvanie), so that the data is processed more accurately;
- Improved microarchitecture core XSI 6;
- 7 new presets appear goals.


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