Winstep Extreme 7.4


Winstep Extreme 7.4


Winstep Xtreme from Winstep Software Technologies, is a single, easy to install package featuring all our popular desktop enhancement products for Windows!
1) Save the attachment file XTREME.KEY to your
\Winstep\Licenses folder.

DO NOT OPEN the XTREME.KEY attachment in a text editor!!!
Doing so will corrupt the file. Also MAKE SURE the file
was NOT automatically given a .txt extension by your email
reader when it was saved.

If you are using Outlook Express and the attachment is
grayed out, open the Tools menu, select Options, click
on the Security tab and UNCHECK the 'Do not allow
attachments to be saved...' option.

2) Open the Preferences Manager of either WorkShelf or NextSTART.

3) Click on the registration icon at the end of the icon ribbon.

4) Press the 'Register' button on the panel.


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