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[LTR]Simplymaya – Chef Ramsay | 3.47 GB
In this new tutorial from Simply Maya you\’ll get to learn character/caricature modelling techniques like those used in major TV productions. Based upon character styling used in the Headcases TV show Jason has designed and drawn a caricature of the infamous foul tempered chef, Gordon Ramsay!

The tutorial begins with a look at reference material followed by basic creation of the character/caricature image planes within Maya. Instead of ploughing straight into the modelling of the characters facial features, we begin with the creation of the more simpler elements of the model that serve their purpose as a \’warm up\’ exercise using mainly polygons and Maya\’s standard modelling tools and then gradually building up to the more complicated task of creating a characters head from a polygon cube.

Once various parts of the model are complete the uv and texture mapping process is then covered , then its straight into Photoshop to create some \’light\’ and uncomplicated textures in order to keep to the cartoon styling of the character. The tutorial concludes with all parts of the model being finalised then brought together to form the finished character.



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