Pixar's RenderMan (Pro Server, Studio Maya 2012) 3.0.2


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Pixar's RenderMan (Pro Server, Studio Maya 2012) 3.0.2

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Pixar's RenderMan (Pro Server, Studio Maya 2012) 3.0.2 | 1.21 GB

RenderMan - software product suite, the industry standard for rendering 3D-animation. In particular, there is a standard for describing three-dimensional data for subsequent visualization and as a stand-alone renderer, released recently by the same title.
In most cases, the standard implementation of Renderman - is a program invoked from the command line and play a role in the rendering process. The standard distinguishes between the concept of scene description files and geometry - RIB-file and file descriptions of materials - SL-files, or shading. All these files are simple text format described in the specification. Files shaders represent a highly simplified applets on dialect of C.
In this case, the connector for Autodesk Maya, connected via a plug-in Plug-In Manager.
RenderMan Studio 2.0.2 for Maya 2009 x86-x64 (XP, Vista);
RenderMan Studio 2.0.2 for Maya 2010 x86-x64 (XP, Vista);
RenderMan Studio 3.0.2 for Maya 2010 x86-x64 (XP, Vista
RenderMan Studio 3.0.2 for Maya 2011 x86-x64 (XP, Vista);
RenderMan Studio 3.0.2 for Maya 2012 x86-x64 (Vista);
RenderMan Pro Server 15.2 x86-x64 (XP, Vista);
RenderMan License;
The instruction.
Extras. Information:
Treatment involves change MAC-address via a utility MACAddressChanger (present), which can cause discomfort, especially connected to the house. network, where some ISPs provide access to, and not-for MAC!!!
Medicine is a license-file is copied into the appropriate directory. After the change of MAC-addresses to the specified in the instructions, Videos added to the environment variables path and load the plugin checks the license server with piksarovskim

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