Sony Vegas Pro 80b build 217


Sony Vegas Pro 80b build 217


Notable fixes/changes in version 8.0b
Improved audio gain in AAF import and export: if the AAF clip volume is constant and is less than 0.0dB, the clip volume is imported as event volume. If the AAF clip volume is greater than 0.0 dB, the track volume is increased to allow the clip volume to be imported as event volume.
Added support for 50p and 60p MXF formats created by XDCAM EX Voyager software.
Added support for reading WAV files between 2 GB and 4 GB in size and added a setting to allow WAV renders up to 4 GB before switching to WAV64. Select the Allow Wave renders up to 4 GB check box on the General page of the Preferences dialog to enable support. Clear the check box for compatibility with other software applications.
Added the ability to render 5.1 surround to WAV and WAV64 file formats (including new rendering templates). Rendered surround files contain channel-mapping information so that Vegas will preserve surround panning information when adding these files to 5.1 surround projects.

Legacy Sony applications (and third-party applications) may not be able to read these 5.1-channel files. In this case, use multichannel mapping to render a 6-channel file instead.
Added the ability to use uncompressed PCM audio on Blu-ray Disc.

When using PCM audio on Blu-ray Disc, some Video template and Audio template combinations can produce media that may not play back correctly on all Blu-ray Disc players.
If you notice abnormal audio playback, try using a lower sample or bit rate for your audio. When burning a surround project to DVD media with PCM audio, use 48 kHz, 16- or 24-bit audio only.
Reduced disk-space requirements for Blu-ray Disc burning.
Removed the “out of synchronization” indication for certain cases where it was not useful.
Improved QuickTime reader for clips with imperfect frame rate information.
Improved print-to-tape playout performance with Aja Xena.
ProType Titler changes:
Improved ProType titler support for East Asian vertical text.
In ProType titler, added support for Ctrl+Left/Right Arrow to move by word and Ctrl+A to select all text.
In ProType titler, added ability to move selected text block using arrow keys.
In ProType titler, changed Save to collection to Save as custom curve in curve shortcut menu.
Fixed a possible crash in ProType titler when pressing spacebar when a drop-down was open or after a row was deleted.


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