Roadkill Pro For Maya 2010 , 2009 x32Bit & 64Bit

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    Roadkill Pro For Maya

    The new version of the massively popular UV tool, Roadkill, now fully integrated into Maya on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, for both 32-bit and 64-bit Operating systems.

    Roadkill Professional has been written from the ground up, specifically designed for unwrapping high polygon 3D meshes quickly and accurately.

    Roadkill Pro For Maya Highlights:


    New unwrapping algorithms, vastly improved speed and accuracy.
    Unwrap a 150000 polygon mesh in under 10 seconds.
    Symmetrical meshes = symmetrical unwraps.
    Unwrap selections of faces, automatically creates new UV shell.
    Unwrap accurately with the minimum number of seams.
    Two different unwrapping algorithms geometric and organic.

    Shell Packing

    New packing algorithm.
    Shells packed to minimise wasted texel space.
    Packing separated from unwrapping.
    Scale shells relative to each other to get uniform texel ratios.
    Option to upright shells. Heads, bodies, etc. come out the right way up.

    Stretch Shader

    See colourised stretch of unwrapped meshes in both UV and 3D windows.
    Stretch shader works with all existing UV tools in Maya and 3ds Max.
    Stretch colours update live on animated meshes. Find areas of UV distortion in animations.


    Shell relax. Relaxes compressed shells after unwrap i.e. human face.
    Scale to source. Scale UVs across multiple meshes for uniform texel ratios.
    Option to pack multiple meshes onto one texture map.

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