Maxon Cinema 4D 11.5 (WinAll & MacOSX)


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Maxon Cinema 4D 11.5 (WinAll & MacOSX)


MAXON CINEMA 4D - Easy to Use, Professional 3D Animation Software. The next generation, representing two decades of excellence. The eleventh generation of CINEMA 4D is another milestone in the development of professional 3D software and a testament to two decades of excellence by MAXON's programming team. Professional 3D animation tools have never been easier to use.

CINEMA 4D - the outstanding 3D package for high end Modeling, Animation & Rendering. Top quality made even better. Once again, CINEMA 4D convinces with its forward-looking innovation, ease of use and legendary stability. The actual release of CINEMA 4D offers you more possibilities than ever before, whether for film, television, advertising, scientific simulations, architecture, product design or any other field that demands professional results. Its one-of-a-kind modular system and the ease with which it can be learned make CINEMA 4D the ideal tool for any purpose and every budget. CINEMA 4D is available in several languages.

Cinema 4D contains all functions needed to create high-end 3D images and animations – start the application and start working, it’s that easy. For those whose work demands more than the basic application, MAXON provides numerous CINEMA 4D modules that can be integrated seamlessly.

CINEMA 4D Studio Bundle - Equip your production environment with the CINEMA 4D Studio Bundle and take advantage of all the power CINEMA 4D has to offer. Your advanced 3D projects will come alive with the addition of hair and fur tools, dynamic simulations and non-photorealistic rendering. The CINEMA 4D Studio Bundle lets you unleash your creativity and enjoy 3D without limits.

The CINEMA 4D Studio Bundle contains the following modules:
- Advanced Render
- MoGraph
- Thinking Particles
- Dynamics
- Sketch and Toon
- NET Render

The Easiest To Use 3D Application - CINEMA 4D's intuitive interface and logical workflow make it possible for those new to 3D artistry to dive in and be productive quickly. Feedback is smooth and interactive so you can let your creativity run free.

State-of-the-Art Technology - CINEMA 4D's state-of-the-art architecture means it is always the first to benefit from new technologies and advancements - 64-bit support on Windows and Mac OS or Multiprocessing to name a few. MAXON is a development partner of many leading IT companies, including Intel and Apple. As such MAXON has early access to many future technologies which makes it possible to tailor our products accordingly. Our customers can rely on latest technology and maximum security for their investment.

Modularity makes it suitable for all industries - The core application contains everything you need to create high-end 3D images and animations. For those artists whose work demands more than the basic application, MAXON provides numerous seamlessly integrated modules. Modules can also be purchased individually or in affordable bundles. For specific industries, such as architecture and engineering, MAXON also offers Editions that contain specially tailored functionality.

There is a CINEMA 4D to satisfy the needs of every artist and industry that utilizes 3D graphics. Take a tour through our solutions pages to see where CINEMA 4D dominates and thrives worldwide - then download a demo version and convince yourself.

New in this version:
- Improved Render Engine
- Enhanced Picture Viewer
- Expanded Motion Graphics tools
- And much more...

Minimum System Requirements for installing CINEMA 4D onto a Windows system are:
- Windows XP (32/64-bit), Vista (32/64-bit), Windows 7 (32/64-bit)
- Internet Explorer 8 for Windows 7 operating systems
- 1024 MB RAM
- AMD or Intel (compatible) processor with SSE2 support
- An OpenGL-capable graphics card
- A screen (monitor) resolution of 1024 x 768 with a minimum of 24-bit color depth
- 1 GB of free hard drive space (not including installed CINEMA 4D documentation)
Note: If the minimum system requirements for CINEMA 4D are not met an error message will appear and the installation process must be terminated.

Supported Processors
- Intel Pentium M
- Intel Pentium 4
- Intel Pentium 4D
- Intel XEON
- Intel Core Solo
- Intel Core Duo
- Intel Core 2 Duo
- Intel Core 2 Quad
- Intel Core i7
- Intel Core i5
- Intel Celeron
- Intel Celeron D
- AMD Sempron (K8/Socket 754)
- AMD Athlon 64
- AMD Opteron
- AMD Phenom
- IBM PowerPC G5

Processors Not Supported
- Intel Itanium
- Intel Itanium II
- Intel Pentium
- Intel Pentium II
- Intel Pentium III
- Intel 486
- AMD K6
- AMD K7
- AMD Athlon XP/MP
- AMD Duron
- Power PC G4

Render acceleration cards are not supported. Examples: Gelato (Nvidia cards), Aegis Physix, BlueICE, ART VPS

Game consoles are generaly not supported and cannot be used for NET rendering (even if they use technology that is similar to that in PCs they neither have the RAM nor the operating system that would allow them to run CINEMA 4D).

New Features CINEMA 4D Release 11.5:

- Double-clicking on the edge of a manager window will automatically reposition the manager window.
- The entire group window can be switched to fullscreen mode.
- Palettes and managers can be opened in Fullscreen mode.
- New palette separator to fill space between icon groups, allowing them to be aligned in a justified manner.
- Project Settings can be edited in the Attribute Manager.
- Several scene parameters are now displayed in the Project Settings dialog window.
- Import/Export settings are displayed automatically. Alt/option key bypasses the dialog.
- FBX now supports Joints, multiple UV tags and evaluates expressions upon export.
- Environment variables for external plugin directories.
- Use Render Instances to render an almost unlimited number of objects.
- Render Instances for the Array object.
- Render Instances for the Particle Emitter.
- Duplicate function can generate Render Instances.
- Greatly expanded falloff functionality for all particle modifiers.
- Particle turbulence modifier with expanded noise turbulence.
- Particle wind modifier with expanded noise turbulence.
- Export Doodle objects in compressed PNG format.
- The Connect command correctly joins Texture tags and polygon selections.
- New Connect+Delete command.
- New hotkeys for creating and deleting keys and tracks.
- New keyframe dot behavior - yellow dot indicates changed value not yet keyframed
- FCurves: Switch quickly between custom and pref colors.
- Keyframe baking can be cancelled in the Timeline.
- Motion source hierarchy can now be changed to match skeleton.
- Quaternion and HPB can be switched manually when Motion Layers are blended.
- Render settings now include region specification to render a portion of the view.
- Export of camera data, lights and Objects for Apple Motion.
- Numerous additions for After Effects export.
- Improved antialiasing for alpha channels and Multi-Passes.
- New Hybrid and Raytracer modes to optimize antialiasing.
- Bucket rendering optimizes memory usage and speed.
- Greatly expanded color correction post effect that can be generated directly from the Picture Viewer's filter settings.
- Higher samples possible for Scene Motion Blur.
- Compositing Background now works with Global Illumination (under certain circumstances).
- The External Compositing tag now works with Cloner objects and XRefs.
- The External Compositing Tag has several new parameters for export to Adobe After Effects.
- Materials can be replaced by alt-dragging from the Content Browser or Material Manager.
- Numeric attributes can be modified using keyboard arrow keys.
- Parameters in the Attribute Manager can be filtered by name.
- Double-clicking an element icon in the Attribute Manager selects the element.
- Newly developed Picture Viewer with integrated RAM player.
- Improved (many more functions) and faster formula parser.
- Native support for reading & writing PNG images.
- Support for reading & writing DPX images.
- QuickTime can now be used by Windows 64-bit users; QuickTime and Avi sound import/export.
- Overall speed optimization in various areas.?
- CINEMA 4D can read and write 32-bit PSD files with layers.
- Objects are numbered incrementally on creation or duplication
Advanced Render Module
- The Prepass can now be rendered exclusively for GI.
- Dithering for sky color.
- Parameter for achieving an improved coloring of sky atmosphere.
- Dithering for atmosphere.
- CineMan supports Layersets, Seed values for Noise shaders and Ambient Occlusion (material).?
MOCCA Module
- New Iterations parameter in Cloth tag.
Thinking Particles Module
- Render Instances for Thinking Particles.
MoGraph Module
- Render Instances for the Cloner object.
- Clones can be arranged in tubular-shaped volumes.
- Rail Spline functionality for the Cloner object.
- New animation modes for the Cloner object.
- Most MoGraph objects can be defined as a falloff source.
- The MoGraph C.O.F.F.E.E Effector offers full control over all Clones.
- Random Effector: New random mode, Sort.
- Rail Spline functionality for Spline Effector.
- New Segment mode for the Spline Effector.
- Dynamics system for MoGraph Clones.
- Scene-wide MoDynamics settings in Preferences menu.
- The new Rigid Body tag is an important part of Dynamics.
- The Force object for attracting or repelling Clones.
- MoSpline object generates and modifies existing splines in a parametric manner with effector and force support.
- Rail Spline functionality for Spline Wrap.
- Polygons and Splines (or spline segments) can be viewed as Clones using the MoGraph object, "PolyFX".
- New options for the MoGraph Cache tag.
- Camera shader can assume any camera view.
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