Kickstand Stretchmesh 1.6 For Maya 2011, 2010, 2009 32Bit & 64Bit

[LTR]StretchMesh is a new paradigm for surface deformation. By using a fast algorithm for relational vertex knowledge, smooth, skin-like character deformations can be created quickly and easily, giving excellent results. StretchMesh is implemented as a standard Maya deformer to work seamlessly with existing workflows.


Skinning Killer
Eliminate hours of painting weights.

Character Contact:
Surfaces can now collide with objects in the world for more realism.

All-in-One Deformation Solution
Bodies and Faces can be set up quickly and easily with natural skin motion such as stretching, sliding, and bending.

Production Ready
Integrates with pipelines of any size.

Feature Quality Results
Achieve feature film quality results quickly.

StretchMesh is a modeling tool, a realtime deformer, and/or a render time relaxation operation.

Pull points while maintaining stretchy behavior to quickly create shapes or act as animation controls.

Intuitive Deformations
Painting interface allows users to modify attributes such as stiffness and attractor influence.

Multi-threaded Performance
Multi-threading available for Maya 2009+ only.

Fast Primitive Collision Objects
Primitive sphere and primitive curve colliders. Primitive sphere colliders behave like mesh sphere colliders, but with significantly better performance. Primitive curve colliders provide an array of radius values along the length of a curve which define a collision tube or capsule, offering significantly better performance than equivalent mesh colliders.

Curve Attractors
Curve attractors provide the ability to pull vertices toward the closest point on a curve. As an example, this technique is useful in facial rigging, where the vertices of an eyebrow need to be pulled toward a target curve.

Robust Collision Control
The influence of a collision object can now be painted, giving users per-vertex control over collision behavior.

Workflow Improvements
A new “Scale Safe” mode allows a mesh to be scaled while preserving the initial mesh shape.



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