Digital Tutors – Body Mechanics and Animation – Lifting Heavy Objects


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Easily learn character animation and the body mechanics involved for lifting heavy objects and add style, personality, and life to you next animation. Contains nearly 7 hours of project-based training.

Popular highlights include: Exploring the Body Mechanics of a Heavy Lift; Animating to Show Believable Weight and Tension; Proper Timing and Spacing using Rhythm; Working with Storyboards; Pose to Pose Method; Adding Arcs; Follow-Through; Overlapping for Fluid Motion; Exaggerating Poses for Appealing Movement; Graph Editor; Weighted Tangency & Free Tangent Weights; Modifying Tangents; Editing Timing of Actions with Character Sets; Animating the Body in Sections; Animation Hot Keys; Character Animation and Object Checklist ;* Project files provided with this training kit require Maya 7 to be opened. If you do not have Maya 7, you can create your own character rig with the help of our “”Character Setup in Maya”" training kit.[/LTR]

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