Craft Director Studio v9.3 xforce


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Craft Director Studio v9.3 xforce


Founded in 2006 and based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Craft Animations is a developer of real-time 3D animations tools, called Craft Director Studio, which streamline production times by nearly 90 procent, saving the user both time and money.Key Benefits

Visual for film and Broadcast – Craft Director Tools provide realistic and accurate vehicle incident and traffic animation, collision visualizations and scene fly-throughs in less time than it takes them to write teleprompter text, allowing more
time for creativity.

Previsualization – Craft Director Tools are interactive, providing better real-time control for precise movements exactly as envisioned by a producer or director.

Game Development – Craft Directors Tools allow game developers to enhance in-game cinematics through a modular, configurable system that replicates a specific rig within the host application. Artists may actually “drive” a vehicle within the creative environment, achieving a more realistic product in less time.

Architectural Visualization – Film walk throughs of architectural designs are easily achieved through Craft Director
Tools’ unique camera angles and views. Cameras quickly and easily navigate exterior to interior layouts of a scene in realtime, saving the time and cost of an outside animation contractor.

Accident Reconstruction and Forensics – Combined with user research and data, Craft Director Tools can provide nearinstant visualizations and simulations of any vehicle accident scene, simulating and recording key-frames in real-time.

* Extremely fast animation simulation software.
* Work directly in 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, or Maya.
* Save time through automatic keyframing.
* Increase quality through the use of real-time physics.

Craft Director Tools works in most versions of 3ds max, Cinema 4d, Maya, Softimage.(for x86 and x64)

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