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    Collection Ltd Part 2 | .pdf | project files | 306Mb

    1. 3D Total Texturing Techniques
    This eBook series takes a simple 3D scene, with a limited number of objects and a low-to-intermediate amount of geometry, and shows you how custom textures can be created from a library of photos in Photoshop. All of the reference images are taken from 3DTotal’s Total Textures collection and form the foundation of the exercise. Rather than using actual geometry, this tutorial covers how you can combine and fuse numerous images into unique templates, which can then be used to describe a variety of materials, creating the illusion of detail and volume.

    2. 3D Total Matte Painting
    The Matte Painting tutorial is a 39-page guide showing you, over five parts, the basics of Matte Painting, whilst also giving some more advanced techniques in the final chapter. Industry professional Tiberius Viris takes an interestingphotograph and creates an easy-to-follow set of tutorials about how to add varying conditions to this – or any other – scene.This tutorial is aimed at beginners, as well as those who already have some experience with matte painting – advanced knowledge of Photoshop isrequired in both cases. If you are not familiar with adjustment layers,layer masks or channels (RGB), you should read about these topics prior to starting this tutorial. The base image used within this tutorial can be found in the download file with the eBook.

    3. 3D Total Custom Brushes V1
    The Custom Brushes eBook is a 77-page tutorial about how to create your very own set of custom brushes. We have asked industry professionals from the likes of Carlos Cabrera, Kim Taylor, Melanie Delon, Marc Brunet, Mike Corriero, Richard Tilbury, Brian Recktenwald, Mike Lim (aka Daarken), George Patsouras, Larla Ortiz and Ignacio Bazan Lazcano to create these easy-to-follow guides. As well as giving expert tuition, some of the artists have also supplied their brushes and these can be downloaded at the beginning and end of the tutorials, where available. This tutorial eBook is aimed at artists that are unfamiliar with creating custom brushes.

    4. 3D Total GW Matcaps ZBrush Shaders - Collection 1
    Designed primarily as practical presentation shaders for ZBrush 3, the 14 matcaps in this collection cover a wide material base that includes clay, plastic, wax, toon and metal. Each is unique and all have been created with purpose, practicality and creativity in mind.This set of shaders captures both a comprehensive range of materials as well as lighting environments. Through the use of ZBrush’s powerful Matcap engine it is possible to not only sample material properties but environments too. This ability has been utilized widely throughout the collection to create as diverse a package as possible.Whether you need to display models realistically or in a much detail as possible, this set leaves you with a vast variety of options to choose from.The Ambient Occulision shader is an effective and realistic self-shadowing material when combined with ZBrush “best” quality render.Blinn materials are essential for comparing displacements from ZBrush to Maya/Max.

    5. 3D Total Hair & Face Painting
    The Hair & Face Painting eBook is a 51-page guide on how to paint wonderful looking hair, sumptuous lips, striking eyes, perfect noses and elegant ears. So if you’re looking to achieve that extra level of realism in your character’s face, or simply want to brush up on your knowledge of facialanatomy, then this eBook is just what you’re looking for! We’ve asked freelance artists, Nykolai Aleksander and Anne Pogoda to create easy-to-follow guides/tutorials on how to paint these human features. As well as giving expert tuition Nykolai Aleksander has also supplied nine of her own brushes to accompany this eBook.




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