Body Mechanics and Animation in Maya Pushing Objects


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Learn proper body mechanics for creating believable animations with 7 hours of project-based training developed specifically for character animation and body mechanics. Perfect for intermediate artists.
Popular highlights include: Body Mechanics Overview of Pushing Light & Heavy Objects; Driving Force Through Leg Animation; Creating Character Kinetics for Believable Weight; Using Action and Counteraction to Create Tension; Using Line of Action to Define the Movement; Preplanning Animation with Example Storyboards; Forward locomotion; Maintaining Balance Though Foot Placement; Measuring Appeal & Pose Clarity Though Silhouettes; Timing & Spacing of Keyframes; Blocking Animation; Adding Follow-through, Arcs, and Overlapping; Adding Exaggeration for Believable Performances; Animating the Body in Sections; Using the Graph Editor to Refine Blocked Animation; Holding Poses with Weighted & Free Tangents Weights; Utilizing Character Sets for Multiple Keyframe Modification; Cuerpo_Mecanicas2_BueNMaestro.part01.rar 92.77 MB 2010-02-17 0 Cuerpo_Mecanicas2_BueNMaestro.part02.rar92.77 MB 2010-02-17 0 Cuerpo_Mecanicas2_BueNMaestro.part03.rar92.77 MB 2010-02-17 0 Cuerpo_Mecanicas2_BueNMaestro.part04.rar92.77 MB 2010-02-17 0 Cuerpo_Mecanicas2_BueNMaestro.part05.rar92.77 MB 2010-02-17 0 Cuerpo_Mecanicas2_BueNMaestro.part06.rar92.77 MB 2010-02-17 0 Cuerpo_Mecanicas2_BueNMaestro.part07.rar92.77 MB 2010-02-17 0 Cuerpo_Mecanicas2_BueNMaestro.part08.rar92.77 MB 2010-02-18 0 Cuerpo_Mecanicas2_BueNMaestro.part09.rar92.77 MB 2010-02-18 0 Cuerpo_Mecanicas2_BueNMaestro.part10.rar92.77 MB 2010-02-18 0 Cuerpo_Mecanicas2_BueNMaestro.part11.rar92.77 MB 2010-02-18 0 Cuerpo_Mecanicas2_BueNMaestro.part12.rar92.77 MB 2010-02-18 0 Cuerpo_Mecanicas2_BueNMaestro.part13.rar92.77 MB 2010-02-18 0 Cuerpo_Mecanicas2_BueNMaestro.part14.rar

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