Autodesk 3ds Max 2009 (32 and 64bit)


جالبه هنوز سه ماه از اول سال میلادی رد نشده مکس 2009 اومد
Get Precise Visual Feedback and Professional Renders
Reveal rendering streamlines and accelerates iterative workflows by providing precise control over what is rendered in the viewport of Framebuffer. Access to ProMaterials library for mental ray also provides materials for creating real-world design and building surfaces.

Streamline Your Character and Mapping Workflows
With 3ds Max 2009, Biped now offers animators a more efficient workflow for rigging quadrupeds, together with other features that facilitates the character animation process. The release also delivers ne UV editing features including a UV spline mapping tool, and enhanced Pelt and Relax toolset that streamline the UVW unwrap workflow.
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3ds Max and 3ds Max Design


Autodesk 3dsMax 2009 Trial Version (32 and 64 bit) official beta download (908 mb):


Autodesk 3dsMax Design 2009 Trial Version (32 and 64 bit) official beta download (913 mb):

AUTODESK 3DS MAX & 3DS MAX DESIGN VERSION 2009 32 and 64bit keygen
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3ds Max 2009 or 3ds Max 2009 Design DVD | ISO - 2.4 GB in RAR

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