Add a Wraparound Effect for a Marquee with jQuery

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    [​IMG] Add a Wraparound Effect for a Marquee with jQuery-iRONiSO
    English | iRONiSO | 119 MB
    Genre: Video Training

    Join Chris Converse as he teaches how to add a wraparound effect to your homepage marquee with a concise bit of jQuery code. The course covers positioning the photos, adjusting the navigation activating the marquee, and making sure the marquee auto-plays In a few short movies, designers can learn how to add this dynamic feature to their web sites. For more information on creating the marquee, please watch Create an Interactive Homepage Marquee with jQuery

    Topics include:

    Creating a New Variable
    Manipulating the Photo Lineup
    Activating the Carousel with javascript
    Setting and Animating the Captions
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