[DataLife] 10 اخبار برتر - Module Top 10 News

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    10 اخبار برتر - Module Top 10 News​

    Module Top 10 News 2.2 for DLE allows you to automatically display the main most popular news portal based on the rating or the number of hits or combo of ratings and views. Number of news are set in the admin. Pictures extracted from a short news, supported by all image extensions.

    Changes in module Top 10 News 2.2:

    - Use caching
    - Appearance is fully customizable in the template file
    - Ability to select what news show: popular or recent.
    - More convenient and easy admin
    - Ability to select which categories of print news
    - Possibility of adding selected news in the black list, ie they will not be processed
    - Added restriction on the date
    - Ability to select, on what criteria to sort news
    - Ability to prohibit the withdrawal of news without pictures

    DLE: 6.x - 8.x​

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