[DataLife] چت باکس - Module DLE mChat 2.6

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    چت باکس - Module DLE mChat 2.6


    Module DLE mChat 2.6 for DLE 8.x - a module for organization on your website Mini - chat (Goethe Institute), which works with AJAX.
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    List of changes in DLE mChat v 2.6:
    - Tuned under the last version of the engine DLE 8.0
    - A set of smiley [KOLOBOK] 63 pieces (unnecessary Smiley can simply delete).
    - Working BB-codes
    - Work History messages Mini-chat
    - Implemented avtodobavlenie smiles, you just need to specify the path to the folder with the smilies, and add them to the script itself.
    - Auto-refresh the window after a certain period of time (time set in the admin)​


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