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PortalApp 3.0

ASPapp is a global provider of affordable, ready-to-run web, portal and content management solutions. Companies use our solutions to rapidly deploy content-driven business initiatives, such as intranets, portals and business Web sites. Unlike other solutions, PortalApp combines content management, e-commerce, and site management into a single solution. Since all of our solutions are open source, they can be used "as-is" or customized to match your requirements. Explore the site, view the gallery, experience the demos and see the possibilities. Take Control of your Content. We help businesses and industries of all sizes to deploy and maintain Web content through an intuitive, flexible solution. PortalApp is flagship product that lets you immediately deploy robust portal and business Web sites at a very low price point. Much more than a site builder or enhanced discussion forum, PortalApp is a complete Web-based environment for content, communication and commerce. PortalApp is a ready-to-run, dynamic Web application that you download & configure. Since PortalApp includes several components that accomodate 90% of common Website features, it can be used as a portal, intranet, e-commerce or content driven site foundation. Discover the powerful features & flexible content management system (CMS) that make it fundamentaly different and powerful. PortalApp is one of the most popular open source portal and content management systems (CMS) available today. It is downloaded over 3,000 times per month and is in use at several Fortune 500 companies and thousands of small businesses. Companies use PortalApp to deploy sites that manage content, users, membership, articles, events, news, links, listings, forums, files, advertising, images, faq's, downloads, surveys, e-commerce and more. The full source code is provided, so functionality and design is 100% customizable. All site content, layout and styles are managed via a browser-based control panel (ACP). This means the site is easily maintained by you, clients or non-technical personnel. Unlike "Web site builders" or "wizards" that generate static Web sites, PortalApp is a ready-to-run dynamic foundation. The ACP is used to initially configure the design, layout, categories and sections. Later, use the ACP to populate and manage site content.



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تا اونجاييكه من اينو خوندم :
1- از asp استفاده شده كه من خودم خوشم مياد اما تا اونجايي كه ديدم همه از asp بدشون مياد !
2 - عضويت .انجمن . اخبار . تبليغات . گالري و ... داره !
3 - شركت هاي كوچك زيادي از اين سيستم استفاده مي كنن !
4 - داراي sql و از امنيتي خوب برخورداره ميشه !
5 - سيستم پروتال هست !

لينك دانلود كار نمي كنه ! آدرس سايت اصليش چيه !؟
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خیلی ممنون من ترجمش کرده بودم اما می خواستم بدونم کسی باهاش کار کرده یا نه یا حداقل چه جوری ارزش نصب کردن داره یا نه؟!لینک دانلود رو هم من نمیدونم من از سایت danlod.comگرفتم

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