New Iranian CG web site


Hello CG artist. is a new graphic web site.It is in both English and Persian Language.
Its contain good resources about CG like News,Tutorials,both 2D&3D Gallries,links,Animations,Download resources like plugins ,Textures,Blue prints and models and etc.
The web site is off for now until next month.We have to design Iraphics gallery and tutorials page now. we looked over CG sites for talented and best artists and send them
Email. If you interested, send your 3d and 2d images and if you are a tutorials writer please send your tutorials for this softwares : 3dsmax, maya, lightwave3d,
softimage XSI and photoshop.
We register them on Iraphics by your name. Please send some informations about your images like what softwares you used and personal information like mail and your
web site if you want we share it on Iraphics. Maximum file size is 300 kb in 1024*768. For now please send less than 5 image until we prepare the web site. You can send
us your High resolution images link too. If you are a professional CG artist you can write and send your articles about CG industry.We input them on main page of the web
please send your Images,Tutorials and Articles to [email protected] for now by "Image" "Tutorial " "Article" subject. We will have Interview with
best artists and masters of CG indistry. We hope you interest to send your Images,Tutorials and Articles to Iraphics. We will send you, our new mail adress when site come out or you can check the web site later. Thanks.


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دوست عزیز شما که سایت ایرانی‌ برای خودت ایجاد کردی ... و می‌خوای مقالات فارسی‌ بذاری تا عزیزان که حوصله نمیکنن متن های انگلیسی‌ یا ... را بخوانند حالا فکر میکنی‌ کسی‌ وقت میذاره که بیاد و پست شما را بخونه ... ؟ بهتر بود پست خودتو به صورت فارسی‌ ارسال میکردی تا لاقل کسی‌ میل داشته باشه که بخونه ... در ضمن بهتر بود این پست را در بخش معرفی‌ سایت ها و وبلاگ ها قرار میدادی ...

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