CyberUpload سایتی برای آپلود با امکانات استثنایی


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یه سایت واسه آپلود مثل Rapidshare یا megaupload ولی با امکانات باورنکردنی !

CyberUpload Hosting brings you:

» The most easiest and fastest file sharing system

» Free file hosting up to 500 MB / file

» Unlimited number of downloads

» Unlimited number of uploads

» The files are deleted after 31 days of no activity (no downloads)

» No premium accounts, no payment necessary

» No need to wait, only 30 seconds / file

» You may download unlimited files / hour, 1 file at a time

» Super simple system, no need for computer knowledge

» Secure system, files are at a safe place
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