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    Modelling the Audi R8 in 3Ds Max, Day 1&2 – CG Premium Tutorial

    You asked for it, and Madhan_2005 has delivered! Over the course of this amazing tutorial series, Madhan will be walking us through how he modelled and rendered a photorealistic Audi R8 using 3Ds Max, after which you’ll be well equipped to create your very own dream cars! This tutorial...
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    Modelling the Bugatti Veyron in Maya, Day 1 & 2 – CG Premium Tutorial

    Over the course of this extremely detailed 2 day tutorial series, we will be modelling the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 in Maya. Not only will we be covering the basic workflows involved in creating a hyper-realistic car from scratch, but we’ll also be showing you some of the more common mistakes...