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    Blaze Video Magic 2.0

    یه برنامه ی Converter قوی بین فرمت های مختلف MultiMedia ،
    توضیحاتش در رابطه با فرمتهایی که به هم تبدیل میکنه در زیر اومده :

    کد (Text):
    Blaze Video Magic is a powerful but easy to use utility for multimedia file conversion. Expanding your multimedia entertainment, Blaze Video Magic realizes you to freely access and enjoy video, music, photo on PC, MP3 player, portable MPEG4 device, PS game player or 3G smart phone. Possessing Blaze Video Magic, you will have a wonderful and extensive digital entertainment life.
    Convert Video: You can convert *.RM , *.RMVB , *.AVI , *.WMV , *.ASF , *.MPG , *.MPEG , *.MPE , *M1V , *MPV2 , *.MP4 , *.DAT , *.MOV , *.VOB file to AVI-MPEG4 , ASF-MPEG4 , MP4-MPEG4, PSP-MPEG4, 3GP-MPEG4, AVI-DIVX file. You can also split a large file into smaller video clips to fit your device memory.
    کد (Text):
    Convert Music: You can convert all files with audio to MP3 format. You can directly convert audio file, or extract sound tracks from video and save as MP3 format.

    Convert Photo: You can convert pictures such as *.BMP, *.JPG, *.GIF, *.TIF, *.PNG to JPEG format.
    کد (Text):
    - Support multiple video file conversion, including *.RM, *.RMVB, *.AVI, *.WMV, *.ASF, *.MPG, *.MPEG, *.MPE, *M1V, *MPV2, *.MP4, *.DAT, *.MOV, *.VOB
    - Convert video file as AVI-MPEG4, ASF-MPEG4, MP4-MPEG4, PSP-MPEG4, 3GP-MPEG4, AVI-DIVX
    - Split a large video file into smaller video clips to fit your device memory
    - Support all audio file conversion
    - Convert audio file as different MP3 format
    - Extract sound tracks from video and save as different MP3 format
    - Support *.BMP, *.JPG, *.GIF, *.TIF, *.PNG image file conversion
    - Convert picture as JPEG format
    - Playback added video/music file directly
    - Preview added picture in mini window
    - Real-time display the whole conversion process with detailed info
    - Freely setup the properties of output video
    - Output multiple MP3 format
    - Support batch conversion at the same time
    - Support batch setting of output file format
    - Freely specify output path
    - Quickly open output folder and access converted file
    - User-friendly interface with easy and straight operation steps
    - Compliant with most popular digital portable devices on the market, such as MP3 player, portable MPEG4 device, PS game player or 3G smart phone

    Changes in Blaze Video Magic 2.0:
    * Newly support Music conversion
    * Newly support Photo conversion
    * Output video file format added in: MP4-MPEG4, PSP-MPEG4, 3GP-MPEG4
    * Add in video split funciton
    * Brand new user-friendly interface
    size~20.1 mg

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