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البته اول باید بتونی تو انجمن های Downcg.com که چینی زبان هست عضو بشی
البته اول باید بتونی تو انجمن های Downcg.com که چینی زبان هست عضو بشی[/quote]
هر کار کردم نتونستم عضو شم ممنون میشم اگه بیشتر کمک کنین:)

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Okino PolyTrans is the an industry standard for accurate 3D Model/NURBS/CAD/Animation/Skinning translation, optimization and viewing. PolyTrans is a powerful and highly accurate 3D model and animation translation program which allows accurate and true-to-spec translations between the most popular industry standard 3d model formats. PolyTrans is unique among 3D model converters - its complex translation process allows for polygonal and non-polygonal input data to be converted between a wide variety of formats; this includes meshed polygons, random polygons, NURBS patches, bicubic patches, and quadrics.
For example, PolyTrans can import a NURBS surface via IGES and export an optimized, triangulated polygon mesh to a 3D Studio file with the added benefit that PolyTrans will break the mesh apart into multiple sub-objects if the mesh contains more than 64000 polygons, vertices or textures coordinates (this overcomes a limitation of 3D Studio).

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