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Java 2 Runtime Environment Standard Edition 5.0 Update 5

"Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) software is the premier solution for rapidly developing and deploying mission-critical, enterprise applications. It builds upon Java technology's cross-platform support and robust security model with new features and functionality, enhanced performance and scalability, and improved reliability and serviceability. It advances rich client application development and provides the foundation for standards-based, interoperable Web services that can be built and deployed today.

Latest Changes: (jre-1.5.0_05,September 15, 2005)
Casting long to int on 64-bit machine sometimes gives wrong result
Poor constant construction on sparc
ClearArrayNode::Ideal forces use of 32-bit stores for zeroing memory
Random javac failures on server VM
Lock coarsening
Minor GC collections times adversely affected by very large objects in old gen
VolanoTest OOM with mustang b14
CMS: more helpful message for concurrent mode failures
CMS: perm gen expansion without explicit GC, but with concurrent cycle initiation
Improve the performance of GC_locker
Fix unhandled oops found in mustang development
Rendering CubicCurve2D with NaN as control points causes crash in ductus code
Type1 font with seac instructions may cause crash

Problem with Action button tooltips with some multiple monitor configurations
REGRESSION: Extra mouse click dispatched after press-drag- release sequence

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First Part size~5.1
Sec. Part size~4.9

Sun Java Platform

J2SE Windows :
Part 1 size~7.8
Part 2 size~7.4

Java WEb Start Full_International_ Multi Language :
Download size~8.2

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