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سلام دوستان این هم برنامه edius که اگه پلاگینها یا چیزهای دیگه ای در باره ی این برنامه پیدا کردم حتما می زارم به نظر می رسه این برنامه نوپایی و جدید هست و بیشتر برای ادیت فیلمهای HD هست که خیلی خوبه


EDIUS Pro Software for Editing DV, HDV, HD Whether you are working with standard definition or high definition video, Grass Valley EDIUS Pro NLE software frees you from the limitations of conventional editing systems. Providing a seamless realtime workflow supporting all video acquisition formats, including all DV and HDV cameras and decks, EDIUS Pro features realtime, multi-track, mixed format HD/SD editing, compositing, chroma keying, titling and timeline output capabilities. If you need support for higher-end video equipment and formats such as Panasonic DVCPRO® 50, DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO P2, VariCam®, and Sony XDCAM™, Grass Valley EDIUS Broadcast NLE software is the perfect match. EDIUS Pro software can be upgraded to EDIUS Broadcast at any time.


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این هم یکسری توضیحات دیگه درباره این برنامه

New User Interface

EDIUS Pro features a new-look interface application-wide. This new design is the result of a combination of market research, and the continuing work being done to fully integrate EDIUS with the Grass Valley product line, all with the same look and feel. The new look also offers you a glimpse of the future of Grass Valley EDIUS software.

EDIUS Pro version 4 now features the traditional "File, Edit, View..." menu system. You can still reposition the various application panels as before, but managing these panels is now easier.

http://www.canopus.com/contentfiles/products/EDIUS_screenshots/prodscreen_ediusprov4_gui_small.jpg (http://www.canopus.com/contentfiles/products/EDIUS_screenshots/prodscreen_ediusprov4_gui.jpg)

EDIUS Pro version 4 can display all video and audio effects as visually recognizable icons; effectively making them behave in much the same way as would any media clip within the Bin.

Other new features include the ability to change the color of the EDIUS interface, zoom into the Waveform and Vectorscope displays and add 4:3 or 14:9 safe area markers when editing 16:9 projects.

http://www.canopus.com/contentfiles/products/EDIUS_screenshots/prodscreen_ediusprov4_effects_color_small.jpg (http://www.canopus.com/contentfiles/products/EDIUS_screenshots/gui_colors.htm)

Multicam Editing Mode
Now you can quickly and easily edit a sequence using up to eight different sources. Simply activate the Multicam Editing Mode, import your source “cameras” and start playback. View up to eight sources simultaneously in you Master Channel output window. Switching between cameras is as easy as pressing the number keys on your keyboard.

http://www.canopus.com/contentfiles/products/EDIUS_screenshots/prodscreen_ediusprov4_multicam_small.jpg (http://www.canopus.com/contentfiles/products/EDIUS_screenshots/prodscreen_ediusprov4_multicam.jpg)

Once your editing is completed, you can choose to keep all the footage on the timeline with original tracks intact, including the unused sections, or you can automatically condense the timeline into a single track, retaining only the trimmed clips.

Nested Timeline Sequences
Editors already using EDIUS know that its unsurpassed realtime editing power offers exceptional responsiveness and faster task completion. The addition of Nested Sequences expands this power exponentially.

With EDIUS Pro version 4, you can create projects within projects, complete with all of the realtime effects, keyers, transitions and titling features already available in EDIUS Pro. Combine your sequences together for the final edit. Sequences can be handled like standard clips on the timeline, allowing you to apply any number of filters and effects.

http://www.canopus.com/contentfiles/products/EDIUS_screenshots/prodscreen_ediusprov4_nested_small.jpg (http://www.canopus.com/contentfiles/products/EDIUS_screenshots/prodscreen_ediusprov4_nested.jpg)

This new feature, when combined with the realtime multi-format, multi-frame rate editing capabilities that EDIUS Pro delivers, gives you limitless editing potential.

Enhanced Color Correction Controls
All color correction filters with EDIUS Pro version 4 feature keyframe controls for every property within each filter. In addition, genuine keyframe curve manipulation has been added to provide the highest level of precision.

http://www.canopus.com/contentfiles/products/EDIUS_screenshots/prodscreen_ediusprov4_keyframe_small.jpg (http://www.canopus.com/contentfiles/products/EDIUS_screenshots/prodscreen_ediusprov4_keyframe.jpg)

User Profiles and Project Preset Transfer
When you're jumping from EDIUS system to EDIUS system, you probably want to take your own customized interface and application settings with you. Now you can! The new User Profile feature allows you to save out and import:

Window layouts
Application settings, including timeline and render settings
Customizable settings, such as GUI buttons and keyboard shortcuts
Plug-in settings
http://www.canopus.com/contentfiles/products/EDIUS_screenshots/prodscreen_profiles_small.jpg (http://www.canopus.com/contentfiles/products/EDIUS_screenshots/prodscreen_profiles.jpg)

User Profiles (saved as .EUP files) can be created and imported at any time. In addition, you can also export and import customized project settings (as an .EPP file

New Basic DVD Authoring
With EDIUS Pro version 4, you can now create DVD titles with simple menus and chapter navigation, using built-in menu button and background artwork. The new 'Print to DVD' function offers a choice of constant or variable bitrate video encoding, and Dolby® Digital AC-3, PCM Wave or MPEG Layer II audio encoding.

http://www.canopus.com/contentfiles/products/EDIUS_screenshots/prodscreen_dvdcreator_small.jpg (http://www.canopus.com/contentfiles/products/EDIUS_screenshots/prodscreen_dvdcreator.jpg)

New Trimming Modes
EDIUS Pro timeline trimming functions can now be performed within a new, specialized view in the Monitor window. With a refined set of keyboard shortcuts and GUI buttons, you can easily perform ripple, slip, slide, and rolling edits with precision.

http://www.canopus.com/contentfiles/products/EDIUS_screenshots/prodscreen_ediusprov4_trim_small.jpg (http://www.canopus.com/contentfiles/products/EDIUS_screenshots/prodscreen_ediusprov4_trim.jpg)

Time Remapping

The new Time Remap feature allows you to set multiple, keyframed speed adjustments to a clip, without affecting its duration on the timeline. Through Time Remap, it’s possible for you to speed up and then slow down a clip’s playback, and then speed it up again if you wish – all in realtime, with perfectly smooth results.

http://www.canopus.com/contentfiles/products/EDIUS_screenshots/prodscreen_ediusprov4_time_remap_small.jpg (http://www.canopus.com/contentfiles/products/EDIUS_screenshots/prodscreen_ediusprov4_time_remap.jpg)

Improved Audio Channel/Track Mapping
If you need to work with individual audio channels, whether two, four or eight, EDIUS Pro version 4 can automatically map individual channels to appropriate audio tracks within the timeline, complete with a separate waveform display for each channel.

http://www.canopus.com/contentfiles/products/EDIUS_screenshots/prodscreen_ediusprov4_audio_small.jpg (http://www.canopus.com/contentfiles/products/EDIUS_screenshots/prodscreen_ediusprov4_audio.jpg)

Panning controls have also been enhanced, with logical left and right panning defaults

Other Added/Improved Features

Added Formats and Improved Operability
EDIUS Pro version 4 provides capture, edit, and export support for new HDV formats from Sony and JVC. With this version, you can work with Sony 1080/24p, 1080/25p, and 1080/30p and JVC 720/60p and 720/50p. EDIUS Pro can also import AVCHD MPEG-4 material, which you can either edit natively or convert to the Canopus HQ format for increased realtime productivity.

With EDIUS version 4, you can also import and export Advanced Authoring Format (AAF) files from Digidesign® Pro Tools® and Adobe® After Effects®, and various forms of Edit Decision List (EDL) files from a number of other NLE packages.

Batch Exporting and Custom Export Settings
Exporting your finished projects gets a boost with EDIUS Pro version 4. You can now use the Batch Export feature to not only queue up export jobs for multiple sequences within your project, but you can also assign multiple target formats for your project. Once set, you can leave EDIUS to encode away, one file at a time.
In yet another example of the new workflow flexibility offered in EDIUS Pro version 4, you can now create your own custom export targets based off the inbuilt exporters included with EDIUS. This means that you can have an exporter specifically create for a certain type of medium you want to deliver your work out on, and reuse that specialized exporter again in the future.

Segment Encoding for SD and 1080i MPEG-2
Segment Encoding ('Smart Rendering') makes its debut in EDIUS Pro version 4. Supporting standard definition (480i, 576i) and 1080i MPEG-2 content, Segment Encoding reduces the time taken to export your project to the same format and bitrate, by simply encoding the edited and modified sections of any source MPEG-2 clips that match the target MPEG-2 format (e.g. frame rate, resolution, bitrate).

EDIUS Speed Encoder for HDV
Previously available as an option, EDIUS Speed Encoder for HDV is included in EDIUS Pro version 4, as well as in EDIUS Broadcast. It boosts the speed of HDV MPEG-2 export, by not only taking advantage of dual CPU system configurations, but also of the new Dual Core processor technology featured with newer Intel® and AMD® CPUs. This optimization dramatically reduces the time needed to encode native HDV MPEG-2 transport streams from the EDIUS Pro timeline. [more...] (http://www.canopus.com/products/EDIUSPro/speedencoderforHDV_closeup.php)

Windows Media® Import and Editing Support
Use EDIUS Pro version 4 or EDIUS Broadcast to seamlessly edit and combine native Windows Media footage, including WMVHD, with any other supported format, without rendering or pre-processing footage.

Dolby Digital (AC-3) Audio Import/Export Support
EDIUS Pro version 4 includes AC-3 audio decoding and encoding, enabling clips that feature Dolby Digital audio to be imported to the timeline. This is a particularly useful feature for importing DVD-based material, as well as video footage shot with JVC Everio G Series cameras, and for exporting DVD-compatible streams with smaller audio file sizes.

Broadcast WAVE Format (BWF) Audio Export Support
When using the PCM WAVE exporter option within EDIUS Pro, the file created will now contain BWF TimeReference metadata, compatible with any third-party applications that support BWF audio files.

Alpha Support for the Canopus HQ codec
The Canopus HQ codec has been enhanced once again, now supporting alpha channel information within the video data. This means that you can avoid using storage-consuming formats such as uncompressed HD or still image sequences when compositing and layering video.

1920 x 1080 (60i/50i) Project Preset
To provide project compatibility across the entire range of EDIUS solutions, EDIUS Pro version 4 will accommodate the creation of full frame sized HD projects.

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حیف که دیگه دارم کم کم دور می شم از اینترنت وگرنه اموزشهای خوبی برای افتر افکت - فتوشاپ و این برنامه می زاشتم البته یه 8 ماه دیگه با دستهای خیلی پر بر می گردم

Peace Dove
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ممنون برای این لینک ها
من آموزش های edius3.5 را قرار میدهم با ادیوس 4 به بالا کار نکردم ونمیدونم زیاد فرق داره یا نه خوب ولی لینکشو که دادید برم ببیننم چقدر فرق میکنه تا اون هم یاد بگیریم ظاهر عکس ها نشون میده که زیاد هم فرق نداره ولی معلومه که ÷یشرفته تره
با تشکر

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تو راپید که به درد نمی خوره :shock:

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من که از این راپید سر در نیاوردم و نتونستم چیزی دانلود کنم

راس میگه دیگه بابا دمت گرم داداش ما هم که هیچی نفهمیدیم:neutral:

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راس میگه دیگه بابا دمت گرم داداش ما هم که هیچی نفهمیدیم:neutral:
براي دانلود در راپيد شير بعد از وارد كردن لينك از دوقسمت premium و free user شما بايد قسمت دوم رو انتخاب كنيد يعني free user بعد به شما مي گه چند ثانيه بادي صبر كنيد بستگي به حجم فايل داره بعد از اتمام شمارس معكوس دكمه دانلود ظاهر ميشه و شما مي تونيد به راحتي دانلود كنيد بعضي مواقع به كاربراني كه فايلي رو دانلود مي كنن براي چند ساعتي اجازه نميده ديگه از راپيد دانلود كني اونهم به خاطر استفاده از قسمت رايگان هستش و اينكه IP شما در راپيد ثبت ميشه و لي خوب راپيد ديگه چيكارش كنيم:D

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اديوس را از كجا دانلود كنم

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اگه کسی ریجستر ادیوس 4.5 داره لطفا برام بزاره ممنون